Monday, November 22, 2010

WWPD: News from the Front - Episode 6

Hello Troops,

Steve and myself, along with guest seat Luke were able to get Podcast 6 recorded this evening. Here is the link for RSS or you can subscribe via iTunes. WWPD: News from the Front

Topics for the podcast include ...
  • Introductions 
  • Reviews of Stalin's Europe
  • Review of the new D-Day books
  • Interview with Shawn aka The Terrain Guy fame
  • Review of terrain and its role & place on the FOW battlefield
  • Blog of the Cast
  • Joe's Mailcall
  • Misc topics on the fly ...
Remember for any topics you would like to see or hear, hit up the WWPD email address at We read all mail and forum comments and will address them in the next episode's Mailcall.

Till then ... Keep the Paint flowing and the dice rolling ..

Joe aka Mezz

1 comment:

  1. I am really liking your Podcast and I am not a FOW player. Great stuff.