Monday, June 28, 2010

Photos as promised ....

Hello Troops,

Here are some of the photos I promised the last post.  Some are of 3rd squad, 1st platoon of Able Company.  The other photo(s) are of the rat Skaven of Mordheim.  Just to let you know .... Hein, I took your advice and hit the bases with the same color of my basing to help hide the black primer at the feet ;)

I would also like to offer a hello to the new troops. Mistress of Minis, Pnakotic, Galpy, Duck Sauce, Shelexie and Lydia.  I hope you enjoy my random muttering and rambles about our hobby we share.

What is the order of battle General ?  Good question and simple enough.  I have 1st Platoon almost complete ... so 1st squad of 2nd Platoon will be next.  I will have them cleaned up and on popiscle sticks soon.  Black primer is in store of the next course of action.  I need to get moving on them since Guns of August is around the corner and I am looking to possibly entering.  Steve, you need a car pooler ?

I am also GM'ing a Star Wars RPG mission this Sunday.  Check out Planet's Doom to see the weekly antics of the members.  The group (Steve, Lydia and Sean) are getting better at the rules, as well as myself.  It's been fun and great to get back into it .....

I also plan on getting a recon platoon and an antitank platoon for support of the 327th.  Rob over at FTW Games will be getting that business in the near future.

Enjoy the pics, sound off if you need anything.



  1. Your yanks are looking good brother! Keep at em!

  2. Thanks man ..... motivated to get em through for some practice runs before Guns of August

  3. Finally someone listens to me.;)
    Looking good. Keep up the good work.
    Waiting for pictures of the fully painted platoon.