Thursday, June 3, 2010

Any suggestions

Hello troops,

I was out in the garden today and noticed that my tomato plants are HUGE ! The are falling over and out of the metal rings I used when I first planted them.

My question to the readers is .....

" How do you keep your tomato plants under control ? "

Let me know what you do or think can be done .....



  1. Last year mine were out of control, like crazy Death World jungle out of control. I was trying to use stakes, and it was useless and completely futile. This year I'm using cages; thick wire cylinders about five feet tall. My plants aren't really taking off just yet, but I can tell they're going to be much more manageable in the cages this year.

  2. I use a trelis structure - it's about 4 ft high an ten feet long. I space the plants about two ft apart and have two rows per bed

    They work great and don't look that bad


  3. Thanks for the comments gang .... Miles I would love to see your setup ..... got any photos ?