Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hello Troops,

Recently (as we all do in this wonderful hobby of ours) I have been reading up on Mordheim by GW.  Designed around the warbands of the fantasy world of Warhammer, it is a smaller scale of battle.  Usually ranging between 3 to 20 troops, depending on your choice of weapons/factions and options.

I have recently looked into either a Pirate Warband or Lizardmen Warband. Either way its a distraction from completeing my FOW Glider troops. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGHH!

My friend Steve is watching my back and I am sure he will steer me back to FOW painting ..... lol

Anyone have any experience with this system ? Ring out if you do ....



  1. I love Mordheim.

    I loved Necromunda too. but Mordhiem was a little more polished.

    Its a great balance between tabletop game and RPG, in that your warbads have personalities and develop over time. the modelling opportunities are good too as you change the models to reflect the changing warband.

    get stuck in you'll love it :)

  2. I like the pirate warband that allows you to offer captured characters to "join" the group or die.

    The lizardmen are just cool looking .....

    I can imagine its a system I would enjoy playing in ...