Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Greetings troops,

I thought I would post a hello to the new game store in the Richmond area.  FTW Games.

My friend Steve (What Would Patton Do?), his wife Lydia and I went to the store on Tuesday to check out the step up and layout, gaming area and overall atmosphere of the store.

Parking ? Not a problem with the location in the village shopping mall of Midlothian.  That in itself is a great feature since numerous game stores have minor parking issues.

Food ? Not a problem since Mickey D's is in the same complex.  Rob also has a small microwave for snacks and a good selection of gaming food to supply the troops as well.

Selection of gaming topics ? Very nice ..... Games Workshop - all types, Flames of War, Warmachine are some of the choices.

Look for more on the shop in the next couple of weeks ..... !


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