Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WHAT !?!?!

I am a d6
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You are a d6: How can I put this nicely? If you were a flavor, you'd be vanilla. If you were a color you'd be white. If you were a blanket, you'd be wet. I'm sure you're a nice person, but excitement doesn't run down your alley, does it? If it ever did, you'd stop it, and politely ask it to walk. Honestly, you have no right being on any sort of adventure. You're much better suited hanging around at home and telling visitors that the princess is in another castle.

Well ..... the original D&D dice is a D6 ...... laugh it up fuzzball !


  1. Bah, we all know you're really a quirky d16!

  2. Funny ...... my wife would say the same thing

  3. So your the one who reminds the party what the original quest was when they get lost in their own side quests? Everybody needs a d6, or a brick of 24 of them, depending on the game! =)

  4. Thanks for the kind uplifting words Shel ! I am a bard with an out of tune guitar ... lol