Sunday, May 2, 2010

AAR - Sidi Bou Zid 2nd Battle

This past Wednesday was our noob's group FOW night.  Iron Lydia was not on location due to a work meeting, so we roughed it with chips, dip and some awesome BBQ.  Jamie was the german commander; Dallas was his military advisor.  I ran green GI's in a No Retreat mission; Jamie was attacking while I was the defender.

You can catch Steve's battle AAR on his excellent Blog ....

The Force Organization was as follows ....

Jamie Torres Commanding

HQ - Panzer III N (X2)
4 Panzer III Ls
2 Panzer IVs F2, 1 Panzer III N
3 Stug F8s
3 Panzer II Fs (Recon)

E Company, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division
Joe Messerle Commanding

3 Full Infantry Platoons
81mm Mortar Platoon
3 57mm AT Guns
4 Sherman Tanks
105 Artillery Battery
Combat Engineer Platoon (Sherman Dozer attached)

I will admit, when Jamie deployed his Tank heavy force I was concerned.  I was limited both in the tank department and AT units.  My Combat Engineers would have to hold the line and have no other choice but stick the worst out.  

Combat Engineers just North of American Objective

1st Platoon defending the 2nd American Objective

Jamie's tank force rumbles forward ....

Ninety percent of the battle took place outside of the village that the Combat Engineers occupied.  They stood tough throughout the battle and never ran.  Estimate shooting successes by German forces numbered approximately 50 shots or more.  The engineers lost approximately 50% fighting strength and never gave ground.  I was proud ... medals were earned that day for sure.

Reserves were not a problem as every round brought more and more into play.  My tanks came in on the 2nd round, 2nd and 3rd platoons came in the 3rd round and the mortars deployed in the 4th round.  The 57's stayed in ambush till the 6th.

Engineer's Sherman is the first kill ....

Engineers holding the line ....

Shermans and 2nd/3rd Platoon moving to support

Engineers taking heavy fire ...

Shermans move into the village for cover and flanking moves

105's open up and bring in the thunder of war ...

The Battle was a back and forth slugfest bringing units well within the 50% checks.  The 6th round came and Jaime sent tanks forward to contest the 1st American objective.  This is where the game became a winner or loser to dice rolls.  I sprung the 57mm ambush and had the 3 tanks contesting the objective with sides shots.  Drool began to form as I needed only 4s on the roll to open up some German steel.  Needless to say my rolling was constantly horrible that evening (except for saving throws).  I missed COMPLETELY on the close range tanks and opened up one Stug.  The 105s hit another tank for a kill.  Jamie was forced to make motivation checks for two units .... both passed and the objective was his.  6-1 Jamie got his revenge and I learned some important lessons.


** Drool ** ... Targets in the side view ...

One stug dead ...... but the others ?

Infantry that should have tank assaulted .... lesson learned! Next time ...

Agony of defeat .... lol ... back to tank killing school

Lessons learned ...
I learned not to keep the infantry back and contest the the invader.  I was drooling with the ambush opportunity that forgot that important move. Jaime played one heck of a game.  I would have done things the same.  Maybe sending the tanks around completely instead of stopping for a flanking shot might have put more pressure on his movement decisions but its all good.  I was happy that Jamie didn't do a pinch maneuver, that may have been a hard defense with my limited antitank capabilities.

6 - 1 ... Great game Jaime !!!

Be safe ..... Joe


  1. Nice AAR Joe. That ambush was heartbreaking. 6-1 does NOT accurately represent how close this game was. Jaime's forces were hanging on by a thread.

  2. It was a very close game indeed ! I had a great time !