Tuesday, April 20, 2010

German tanks ?

Greetings troops.

Some pictures regarding some Panzer III Ns I purchased.  Some assembling pictures as well as the initial base coat.  Enjoy.

These are the HQ for my Eastern Front German forces I am slowly gathering.  My friend Steve is doing the same on the Russian side of things.  We are looking to hit some eastern front action starting around the Battle of Kursk.  It is a slow paced process ... but you will get to see something different on the blog.

327th Glider Infantry's 2nd squad of 1st platoon Able company  is formed up.  Basing is beginning.  I am going to attach them via superglue and see if that makes the bond stronger to the base.  Basing and scenery will still be place via wood glue/white glue.  Here are some pictures as well.

Third squad of 1st platoon, Able Company is now forming ....

I hope all is good in everyones foxhole.  Follow your chain of command and sound off if needed !

Joe Mezz


  1. Looking good Joe! Panzer III Ns are so cool looking.

  2. Thanks Steve, I thought the HQ should ride in style instead of the Ls ....

  3. Looking good. specially the gliders. ;)

  4. Thanks Hein ! ..... They are coming along lol :)