Friday, April 9, 2010

AAR - Sidi Bou Zid

Greetings Troops,

Wednesday evening was the weekly campaign night for our newbies group of CVFOW club.  The campaign is centered around North Africa, which includes German, British and American forces.

Lydia cooked again for the group, once again topping herself.  She had a "secret" ingredient to use for the meal, similar to Iron Chef.  The secret ingredient was cream cheese.  Chips and dip, stuffed shells and an awesome pastry dessert was had by all. BRAVO Lydia ....... excellent meal.  Next week's secret ingredient is avocado.

This evenings game was Jamie as the German forces and myself as the Americans.  The following was the force organization ...


Germans HQ - Panzer III N, 2iC
3 Panzer III Ns
3 Panzer III Ls
3 Panzer IV F2s (including 2iC in a kamfgruppe)
4 Panzer II Fs
1 platoon of Armored Cars
Schutzen platoon (panzergrenadiers)


HQ - 2 Shermans

3 Platoons of Sherman Tanks (Total of 9 tanks)
1 Armored Infantry Platoon
1 Priest Platoon
1 Recon group (Consisted of 3 infantry stands)

The battle was an Encounter mission.  Jaime won the initial deployment roll while I won the initial move roll.

Initial Deployment Photo - Classified 

Jamie is wearing the green shirt.  For reference, he is my north.  My forces (L to R, East to West) were 2IC near the eastern objective, Armored Rifles in halftracks near the woods, 1st Platoon of Shermans on the main road leading North and last but not least 2nd Platoon of Shermans with the HQ near the western objective.

Jamie (East to West, L to R) had his grenadiers in the eastern village near the German East Objective, 1 platoon of Panzer III Ls near the middle salt flats and his HQ in a Panzer III N nearby.  Last unit placed was his armored cars in the western olive grove.

The initial and following round was not much to type about.  The scenario started at night, limited visibility due to darkness and a sandstorm.  During this time I was able to move 1st platoon (Shermans) up the middle road while sending 2nd platoon (Shermans) moving up the western flank.  The armored rifles took to the woods and eventually dug in and sat protecting the eastern objective.  The 2IC supported the rifles on the east flank while the HQ (Sherman) protected the western objective site.

From here on out, things moved quickly.  The storm and night lifted for Jamie and he was able to pop a shot at my Shermans of 1st platoon, nothing connected.  Jamie had early troubles due to bogging down and helped  get some of my other Shermans moving without being fired on.

My start of the 3rd round brought 3rd platoon (Shermans) and the platoon of Priest into the fight.  3rd platoon deployed near the eastern objective while the Priest battery deployed in the Western flank.  

3rd Platoon arrives to the Eastern flank ...

Priests take the field ...

The western flank was destined to be burning tanks and charred hulls.  1st Platoon scored the first kill by popping open a Panzer IIIL in the middle.  2nd Platoon began to move west to east and forced Jamie to move his armored cars back towards the east flank.  3rd platoon move north and occupied an area between two hills with views of Panzer IIILs to the Northwest.  The 2IC stayed looking east towards the only level ground approach.

First Blood ..... courtesy of 1st platoon

Jamie got the reserve roll I was hoping he didn't.  The Panzer IVs entered the field .... bad for me.  The entry point was behind 2nd platoon on the western flank ...... really bad for me.  I was going to get some pictures when I realized the camera battery had died.  Mental note 23476 ..... charge the camera battery next time.

The AAR may get a tad brief and fuzzy at this point.  The tank battle in the western flank eventually took out all Panzer IVs (not sure how I pulled that off), 2nd platoon held out against numerous odds and took many tanks with them ..... eventually falling to just the HQ in the area (he jumped command of a tank).  The Priests held out and moved once in the Western flank to adjust fire towards the end of the game but nothing spectacular. 

1st Platoon eventually took heavy casualties and pulled from the field.  Jamie had his last reserves of tanks come into play in the western flank which helped turn out a bitter and stubborn tank battle.  These survivors eventually turned east to help take on 3rd platoon.  The 2IC in the east took out 2 Panzer IIs after they had wiped out the recon in one shooting phase.  The 2IC then assisted 3rd platoon in the east by running the eastern board edge chasing the armored cars and what was left of the Panzer II platoon.  

3rd Platoon pushed hard into the salt flats to contest the northern objective.  Another Panzer II went up in a cloud of fire and caused the other to leave the field after a failed motivation check.  In a brilliant and last ditch effort, Jamie's grenadiers tank assaulted 3rd platoon but were pushed back in a counterattack.  On a do or die roll of the dice I was able to motivate the troops to stay and consolidate towards the objective ..... contesting it.  It was the beginning of my turn when we had to call the game at the time limit.  Since I was contesting at the beginning of my turn ..... victory was mine ...... barely.  4-3 allies win.

Post Battle Thoughts

I was extremely lucky the dice were in my favor this night.  Jamie had bog problems all night long, as well as some sour dice at the end.  Give the battle another hour and things would have swung in the Axis favor for sure.  The Shermans were good at move and shoot maneuvers.  Keeping them on the move and getting into position for side/rear shots was the best thing I could do.  The Priest gave just enough to help bail tanks and stall attacks, I almost had to direct fire with them at one point since Jamie almost broke the western flank with those Panzer IVs.  Jamie did a great job, Steve again was awesome .... and our rulebook for the evening :)  Thanks also needs to go to our advisors Sean and Dallas .... great job fellas.

Overall I had a great experience and battle.  I look forward to the next game and seeing what Iron Chef Lydia has in store for us next week !

Till then .... don't forget to vote on the poll question ..... 5 days left !

Joe Mezz


  1. It seems that you had a great time!
    There aren't many gaming clubs that can say they have their own Chef!;)

  2. Great writeup, awesome pics, tasty food...I'm going over next time!

  3. I have a good 50 pics of this battle I'll post soon :)

    I couldn't be happier that my wife likes cooking for people! She's gonna call her new food blog "feeding the troops"

  4. Steve,

    Once again .... an awesome gaming night. Once you post those pics I will cross link if you don't mind ...

    Tell Lydia awesome job once again and that this trooper looks forward to the next secret ingredient .... !