Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poll Results

Greetings troops,

After a landslide vote (1 out of 1) I will be moving on to antitank weapons for my support platoon.  I have always loved the GMC tank destroyer and will most likely start with this unit.

Last week I was able to make it over to my friend Steve's house for our weekly FOW game.  Sean and Jaime commanded the battle.  I was a "military advisor" to Sean.  It was an excellent battle.  Both sides played extremely well.  The battle came down to a dice roll ....... Jaime pulled out the win but El Alamein was captured by the British at a heavy cost.  Sean played a great game and I would have done things exactly the same.

You can check out Steve's blog for the AAR ...

Steve's wife Lydia also has a blog named "Feedin' the Troops".  She cooks on our FOW nights based around a secret ingredient like Iron Chef.  The first week's secret ingredient was cream cheese and last week was avocado. Welcome to the company Lydia !  Your cooking is AWESOME !  Next week's secret ingredient is peanut butter. You can check out her blog via the link ....

Nothing too much going on today.  Yard work was completed and now I think I will get some painting done.  I bought a light with magnify glass/lights.  I will see how it does and write up a little review later.

Till then ... be safe.



  1. I didn't see the vote or I would've done my civic duty!