Saturday, July 3, 2010

SOG change

Greetings troops,

To help move things along with my FOW glider troops, I have changed some ways of assembling and painting them.  Instead of cleaning up some and then painting them etc ... I have decided to clean up the remaining troops all at once.  At this time they are on their respective popsicle sticks.  Next order of business is to primer them all at once and clean em up with black paint as needed.

I need to clean up 3 sniper teams which I was not able to get ready due to the little one waking up.

Once these remaining 3 squads and 3 sniper teams are done I will have to decide my next FOW unit to approach.  I have some in mind which includes a recon platoon, mobile antitank platoon and possibly an artillery platoon.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  All based on what money I have in pocket to spend lol.


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