Thursday, July 8, 2010

Extend the fighting positions ....

Hello Troops,

You heard the order correctly .... extend the fighting position line to include 3rd squad of 1st platoon, Able company.  The three new stands have just completed 1st platoon.

As previously posted, I have changed up my production scheme to allow my painting to be more effective and time saving.  I am happy to say that my painting hasn't been effected and looks good.   I was able to get 2 colors to the models in one sitting. So I will keep the current SOG for assembling and painting production.

I would have pictures to post but the HOT weather we have had lately is not allowing me to get outside to matte the figures before placing grass and such on the stands.  I promise they are done though !

Next up ...

I have a M10 tank destroyer platoon in the building stage.  Also in the planning stage is an Engineer platoon and a recon platoon.  These will add some fantastic punching power to my glider troops.

It's all coming along.

On other gaming fronts, I have a Star Wars RPG game ready to roll.  The Spirit Nicole's crew has a tough rescue mission ahead of them.  We weren't able to meet Sunday so this will be the mission I had planned for them.  I am gonna get an Afrika game for FOW tonight, to get some ideas for lists for the Guns of August tournament in August.

I also added a building/painting que to the side bar.  Just a little something to show progress of my painting and building for you the reader.

This briefing is over.  Relax, stay cool and sound off through the chain of command if you need anything.



  1. Glad to hear about the progress! Can't wait to see 'em on the table. I might have to lift your idea on the miniature and game tracker.

  2. No problem .... I forgot to copyright it so its fair game lol.