Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bring in the Support ....

Greetings troops,

I was able to sneak out the other morning and prime some of my models I assembled the last couple of days.  The heat has not been good for priming lately so I had to take advantage of the "dog" alarm clock.  I was able to prime 3 stands of snipers, M10 HQ/jeep, M10 Carbines/jeep and 2 M10 GMCs.

My glider/rifle company is coming along fast.  I should have them completed this week as far as paint goes.  Next will be the basing and matte'ing.  They should be coming along great for Guns of August.  Next up is the pioneer platoon and Sherman tank dozer to be assembled and primed.  And then of course EW FOW is coming out .... oh lord the hobby addiction.

Any one looking towards EW FOW ? If so ..... let me know which direction your leaning.  I am looking at the Germans so I can roll into Russian after France .....

Till the next update ....



  1. Yeah man. This addiction. Can't get enough :)


  2. No EW for me but if i would take an army i would go for the British tank company.
    Now i rather add more platoons to the army's i have.

  3. I know what its like i find myself sneaking of to paint a base or glue a stand it's madness but fun.