Friday, November 25, 2011

Hospital Lockdown

     1 hour to go, coffee is low. Not his best status post to date but it will work. Truth behind it since the coffee was horrible but free. Nathan was about caffined out and leaned back into his chair. The shift was slow. This was a good thing in terms of life in a hospital but bad for his slow shift. Nothing to do leads to boredom which leads to naps. Nathan already had 2 naps recorded on his performance apprasials.

     Spinning around in his chair, Nathan reached out for his iPod to help finish out his shift. Without warning a thunderous noise arrupted from the bay containing the body of the paramedic. The coffee suddenly went to his bladder. The lack of sleep and caffeine overload must be getting the best of him. Shrugging his shoulders, he walked over to the body storage area and noticed the storage door open.

     Turning on the lights exposed more horrors. Numerous doors to various lockers were open with bodies laying in various positions. At that moment one body sat up with a look of anger and hunger. A moan let out with others responding with a sick chorus of similar moans. Nathan didn't need a second look before running. Pain shot through his leg with lightening speed. One of the bodies had latched onto his ankle with fierce strength. Nathan reached for a fire extinguisher and slammed it into the monster's head. Blood shot everywhere as Nathan repeatedly assaulted the beast in an effort to escape.

     The target finally released Nathan due to the fact that no head remained. Nathan dragged himself across the office and reached for the phone. Numerous shadows could be seen moving towards him.

     "Security, this is Bob speaking". Nathan couldn't speak fast enough. "Bob, get some help. Something is not right and we have bodies down here eating each other!". Bob looked at the phone and smirked. It wouldn't be the first time someone has called security on nightshift goofing off. He looked at the switchboard and saw it was the ring down line from the morgue. He couldn't remember ever getting a call from them before. He didn't get a chance to answer. A loud scream came from the phone and disconnected. Bob ran to the ER looking for the off duty police officer.

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