Friday, November 11, 2011

No hope ... plenty of fear


     The morgue was quiet on the night shift.  People think a hospital morgue is always a busy place but if that was so then the hospital wouldn't be doing what it was tasked to do, save people.

     The technician pushed the last gurney into its resting place to await the autopsy scheduled in the morning.  This poor paramedic was also tagged as a crime scene investigation.  The other victim or subject was parked next to him as well for the investigation.  The tables were locked and the technician went back to his computer to attempt staying awake.  Facebook was calling and the coffee was sub-par.

     The virus was moving before all these events took place.  The nursing home had numerous infections that they were not aware of.  Patients were already becoming moving dead.  The hospital was just the next chapter in a virus that no one was aware of but would be soon enough.  Night shift at the nursing home was as eventful as the hospital.  Sleeping patients and boredom are the normal pace. 

Room 10 was the first of the walking dead to stir. The elderly zombie got up and moved into rooms 9 and 8 without anyone noticing. The elderly were easy targets. The nightshift LPN heard a scream and looked up from her paperwork. Picking up her radio she walked down the dim hallway. It was not uncommon for these patients to stumble out of bed. Entering room 8 the LPN saw a patient hunched over the far bed. "Ok, let's get you back to bed." the LPN muttered as she placed her hand on his shoulder. The patient spun around and revealed its true form. The LPN screamed as the patient growled, blood all over his face and clothing. The LPN stumbled back and ran for the door. The door was useless as the other patient from Room 10 appeared. The LPN felt herself starting to blackout and knew she was better off as she slid into darkness.

Similar events were occurring throughout the nursing home. It wasn't long before the whole facility was zombie infested or food. 8 hours later the day shift would start to arrive and become the second round of victims. Unfortunately the nursing facility was located near neighborhoods. Zombies wander and wander they did.

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