Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eastern Front Battle Photos

Greetings troops,

Tuesday evening, Steve and I were able to get some FOW Eastern Front action.  It was a fantastic battle that literally came down to one roll ... a snake eye by me.  Here are some photos of the game.  For the full AAR please visit WWPD: What Would Patton Do?

The field of battle ...

T-34/85s lining up ...

Initial forces assembling for the Russians

Tank Escorts riding in

Russian targets ... Grenadiers in the Woods

Lining up for tank escorts ...

Heavy losses for German troops

Heavy losses require the Germans to fall back

T-34/85s crash through the woods previously held by Germans

German PAK40s open up one T-34/85

Nebs adding a little dirt shower to the T-34/85s

A burning T-34/85. Escorts falling off defending to the last

PAK40s view of fire

T-34/85s pressing home on the decimated German Grenadiers

Captured Stugs used as decoys bringing up the rear

Hopeless ... They flee from the field after extreme losses

Pressing through the village

Not without a price ...

German Pioneers press in and take out 2 of the 3 decoys

Shifting to defend the new threat

Burning hulls

PAK40s bail numerous tanks ...

German Pioneers pressing towards new targets

2IC and Komissar are over-run by the speed of the Pioneer's attack

T-34/85s kill 3 out of 4 mobile PAK40s ...

Stugs from reserve are surprised by a lone T-34/85 ... the Soviet Hero kills 2 out of 3 in one action

German Pioneers still pressing into the rear of the T-34/85s formation

A bloody struggle begins in the village ... The Russians begin to fall one by one

The roll that caused the Russians to flee the field ... a close battle. 4-3 to Steve

It was a great game.  I am happy to say the rolls were amazing on both sides.  Great game Steve.  I look forward to getting my Russians victory.

Be safe, Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !!

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. @ Angry Lurker ... Thank you sir !

  2. Very nice pictures and an interesting post. Nice one.

  3. @ the kiwi ... Thanks!
    @ BigLee ... Thank you sir, it was a great battle