Monday, January 16, 2012

American 76mm Shermans - WIP (1)

Greetings Troops,

I hope your New Year Resolutions are moving along and still in effect.  Welcome to my first WIP for my American forces this year.  These beauty's are some 76mm Sherman Tanks that Steve and the WWPD gang gave me last year.

Granted these are just primed in black primer as we speak but it gives you an idea of where I am starting.

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4 tanks with sandbag protection, 1 without

The turret that is unprotected is the Platoon Leader

I also have another platoon of Sherman tanks to make make an Armor company for my Americans.  The plan is to also add some half tracks for a platoon of Armored Rifles.  I am looking forward to adding a new Company type to my Americans. 

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Those are cool looking models to start with. I didn't know that Easy 8's were available. Who makes them? My resolution is finish what I have on my bench.... AA Half-Tracks, platoon of 75mm Shermans, platoon of 76mm Shermans, Company Command Shermans, Priests, and a few other misc.

  2. Good models and priming is painting in my book....

  3. @ Rhinexing ... These are 76mm. I have enough for one platoon and the smaller Shermans as the 2nd and 3rd platoons. Steve and WWPD also provided mortar halftracks, which will see paint next month.

    @ The Angry Lurker ... They are great looking models, tons of detail. Priming is definitely painting, especially with a 3yr old running nonstop through the house !! LOL

    @ Hein ... Thanks Hein, I am looking forward to hitting paint and drybrushing to these bad boys.