Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wargaming Wednesday !

Greetings Troops,

     Another Wednesday and another gaming photo!  Enjoy ....

     The above photo is of my friend Steve of WWPD fame.  This is one of the boards for Nationals at Historicon 2012.  I can't remember exactly where he ranked but I believe it was in the  top 15.  As you can see it was a winter board and one of many that the I95 guys put together.  I have participated in many I95 tournaments and have to say their boards are awesome.

     This board is a group of gents playing Dystopian Wars.  Not a fancy board to say the least but a popular one.  I can say the models of the naval forces are awesome.  I am not sold on the land forces though.  I have caught wind that they have also started a 28mm skirmish game as well.  Looks cool but I do not have anyone nearby that plays any of it.  So I am not going to look at them, lol.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

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