Monday, October 29, 2012

Armored Rifles !


     The other night I was able to get a Flames of War game in with my buddy Steve.  It was actually my first V3 game in some time and I was excited to get my GIs on the table once again.

     I placed these armored mortars in the tree line to support my advancing units.  They did a decent job with the smoke support I based my movement on.  Smoke is always an option to be used and forces many players in moving units and losing ROF shots.

     This was my "right hook". Three 75mm Shermans and two 76mm Shermans were supporting my Armor Infantry platoon's advance on the right flank.  I also included the CO in a jeep to keep the boys moving.

     My engineers were deployed as far forward as I could in a field.  My second Armored Infantry platoon remained mounted and deployed in the field as well.  It was not going to be an easy assault since the stubborn Germans were dug in and had a looming ambush as well.

     The right flanks plan was to use the road for rapid movement and take advantage of the new distances in V3.  Since the tanks were in the woods, bog checks were rolled.  Of course, in good noob fashion, my 76 Shermans bogged.

Another view of the Mortar support and units deployed in the field.

     The right flank's movement was hampered by the reserve roll deployment of a stug platoon.  I moved the halftracks off the road and ordered them hull down.  This allowed my supporting tanks to move up fast and push forward.  Knowing my 75s had little to no chance of popping stugs front armor, I fired smoke and hit one target.


     I decided to move my armored infantry forward with machine guns blazing.  Armored Rifles are new to me and I believe I got transport tunnel vision.  Smoke failed to deploy and things got SNAFU very quickly.

     Steve's German forces unleashed a volley of fire from Hertz' and PAK 40s.  My failed smoke barrage and failed pinning machine fire allowed carnage.  Halftracks exploded,  tossing surviving troops out.  Steve's dug in infantry poured machine gun fire into the wounded ranks and annihilated the remaining platoon. Ugh ... lesson learned the hard way.

Engineers can do nothing but watch the horror.

Hertz' gonna Hertz ! And did so ... o u c h

     I was able to lay down some smoke a little to late.  But it allowed the engineers to move out and be covered for a counter assault.  Smoke is good but this particular smoke WAS needed earlier.

     The right flank's supporting tanks were able to push the Stugs back as the 76s moved forward to show US strength.  The half-tracks got back on the road and began to move forward once again.

     This building was occupied by German Recon units and were taken out by elements of my TD's support units.  The PAKs were still commanding the junction but not enough to prevent movement on the right flank.

Engineers want some payback

     Smoke was delivered for the Engineers assault run into the stubborn German line.  This was gonna get messy for both sides. 

SMOKE removed for ease of assault movement

     The assault was brutal.  Hand to hand was exchanged by both sides and eventually the US forces were destroyed with brutal costs to the Germans.  Steve had to make a motivation test and failed.  His German infantry was too battered to hold the field.  The Hertz' platoon remained.

STUG popped 1 75 Sherman ...

Engineer assualt ...

Still pushing !

Can't stop now

All or nothing ...

Brutal ... left flank is decimated for both sides !

     My right flank got into a position to deploy the infantry for a push on one objective.     The tanks setup for shots on the PAKs as well as supporting infantry.

     The PAKs got pinned with some needed support of the Armor Mortars.  It was an aggressive push for the win.
Germans move up to possibly assault the tank support.

M10s attempted to hurt the Hertz'.  No GO for the M10s

76s burning

     My 76s Shermans couldn't hold and became victims of some great shooting by Steve.  My infantry moved forward to push for the objective.  Defensive fire prevented the push.  UGH !

More brutal hand to hand.

     The battle was a close one indeed.  It was a 4-3 win for Steve.  I appreciate the learning time and great fun Steve ! Can't wait to hit the table once again !

Be safe ... keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling.

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Nice game report.

    Smoke - this is one of my few niggles in the game. You are forced effectively to commit to your move, before you get to fire your smoke, and THEN have to hope you range in... if you don't, you are history as you experienced.

    In reality you would fire smoke and then move out into its concealing swirling mists, and I feel in the game, smoke bombardments should fire before movement... if you fail to range in, then at least you haven't moved, and are still in hopefully in cover...

    1. It's a double edge sword for sure. I can see both sides of smoke options and how it goes from an attacker and defender view. If it goes off well ... watch out. If not ... really WATCH OUT !

  2. Great photos. Cool report...very enjoyable read.