Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Infantry Aces - Eastern Front


Пришло время ехать гуннов с Родиной. Мы будем стоять плечом к плечу и бороться со всем, наш славный народ дал нам, чтобы победить. Ни шагу назад. Вперед мои храбрые товарищи.

Kommisar Нельсон - первая компания, 1-й батальон Strelkovy

Comrades !

Time has come to drive the Huns from the Motherland.  We will stand side by side and fight with everything our glorious nation has given us to win.  Not one step back.  Forward my brave Comrades.
Kommisar Nelson - 1st Company, 1st Strelkovy Battalion


The WWPD Escalation league for Eastern Front has begun.  Sunday evening Sean, Steve and I assembled for pizza, adult beverages and the start of our Infantry Aces/Escalation League.  Steve already has his AAR posted at WWPD

Over the last couple of months, we have all been assembling forces to be used in Eastern Front.  Our readers have asked for it and it shall be given!  Sean has been getting his Finnish forces up and running. They look fabulous. Steve decided to make the Russian plunge since it was the only force that was not represented in his collection.  Steve and I also felt it was easier for us to tag team Russian forces since at the time I was still in school and had a lack of hobby time available.  As you can see at WWPD and on LPG, the Russian factories are pushing out the armies of the People.

450 points was our point starting point since we have small numbers of represented forces.  It was also hard to zero in on the 500 mark with the Eastern Front lists, so 450 was a nice compromise to the situation. The photos will describe the battle. Enjoy

 1st Company on the left flank

 Company CO - 1st Company

 Kommissar Nelson of 1st Company

 Kommissar Steve's 1st SMG Company on the right flank

 1st Company moving forward on the right flank

 Sean's Finns deploy their ambush !

 1st Company still surges forward 

 1st SMG Company moves forward on the left flank

 Hold your FIRE ! NOW !

 11 hits by the Finns, 11 saves by the Russians

 1st Company takes out the Finns 2IC

 Not so lucky on the Finns shooting step ...

 Forward for the Motherland! Assault phase ...

 Finns counterattack with brutal results ...

 1st Company fighting to the last man ...

 1st Company is destroyed ...

 Russian SMGs approaching the left flank ...

 SMGs assault the Finns positions ...

 Russian Soldiers storm the objective, hold it without any Finnish forces able to contest !!

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice Rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

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