Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comrades to Arms ! (10) - 1st Company Complete

Greetings troops,

A glorious day for Mother Russia. Our sons of 1st Company are complete and will be deploying to halt the German Huns.  1st Company consists of the Lieutenant, Kommissar and 9 squads of infantry.  1st Company has an extra squad due to forming of squads. (ie instead of 5 a stand I placed 4, so it gave me an extra squad.)

** The unit consists of 12 stands of infantry. They number 45 men. **

Here are some pictures.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka "Mezz"


  1. These brave men... this is a touching memorial to the fallen sons- nea- the fallen heroes of the Soviet Union!

  2. Very nice troops, I'm sure they'll give the Germans a bashing!

  3. looking great, how many more to go?

  4. @ Comrade Steven ... Yes Comrade, very fitting

    @ Ray Rousell ... Thank you sir. They plan on it

    @ cbaxter ... Thanks, Another Company at least to bring them to a 2 Company Infantry Battalion. But its not as far off as you think !

    @ Mik ... Thanks ! How goes your garden ?

    @ Sean ... Thanks bud, same goes for your Finns