Monday, September 20, 2010

Oceana Airshow 2010

Greetings Troops,

Saturday I was able to head out to the airshow with the family and friends.  It was my wife's first time to an airshow.  I will say she had a blast and it looks like we will be attending as much as we can.  Nothing like photo ops and airplanes to get the kids excited .... my daughter had a blast.

Here are some photos ...... enjoy !

My Daughter and I

You knew the firefighter was going to get a fire truck photo at an airshow

I have decided to get a better camera for next years show.  Mine was hard to use ..... but we got some decent photos and had a blast.

I am playing an EW FOW game tonight at Steve's house with some friends.  I will be posting the AAR this week.

Be safe 



  1. I absolutely love air shows. I am having the same problem with my blog when it comes to my camera (my wife's camera actually that was a present for her but I use it more than she does for gaming). At any rate good pictures of the show!

  2. Thanks ... I tried my best. It was a great show none the less