Wednesday, September 8, 2010

M10 Tank Destroyers

Greetings Troops,

September is here and things have started back into the normal routine.  Paramedic school started up this month and thank god I will be done this June.  INteresting topics but takes a lot of time from the family and hobby.

As promised I have got pictures of current projects after a long delay due to dead camera batteries.

This is the first section of my tank destroyer support platoon for the glider troops.  It consists of the HQ and carbine teams, equipped with Jeeps.  Two M10s round out the rest of the section.

I have test painted one destroyer and thought I would get some comments and see how it holds up.

Other projects currently following/being worked on is the Engineer platoon.  This leaves me the Sherman platoon and a mortar platoon to purchase and round out the total Glider Company.

Enjoy the pics ....



  1. Joe, those guys are coming out *really* well!

  2. Thanks guys ..... I am glad that they are looking good to others

  3. These do look good, reminds me that I've got some of my own to paint! Arrrgh...