Friday, September 24, 2010

FOW Early War .... German Defeat

Greetings troops,

Monday night I was able to get a doubles game in at Steve's house. Steve and Jamie took control of the French forces while Tom and I were commanding the German forces.  The battle was Free for All.  The following photos were captured by the French forces once the Germans surrendered.

Conclusion ... French are a sleeper enemy.  Do not underestimate these troops.  German forces suffered complete chaos.  Congrates to Steve and Jaime for a HUGE win.  And check out Steve's blog, What Would Patton Do? for another view of the battle.

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  1. Thanks Hein ! I truly feel they capture the German's side of the battle. Flaming wreckage and no hope for victory. The french really handed it to us ...

  2. Early War looks like a lot of fun - is the play style significantly different from mid/late war FOW?

  3. J- I would say yes it is quite different (just as mid is different to late in many respects). EW sees a lot more maneuvering by the troops, trying to get into perfect positions and the slug matches tend to go on longer due to lower firepower and more closely rated AT and armor.

    EW has been a blast so far!

  4. A great selection of pictures. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. @ jmilesr ... It seems so. I joined the scene learning with Midwar ... move manuver and less one shot kills for sure.

    @ BigLee ... Thanks! I feel the pictures really showed the downward curve of success in the battle. Tom ran the pioneers and I commanded the tanks. Although I was "hitting" I could not score any kills till the end ... and those were armored cars at that.