Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The proof is in the pudding ....

Greetings troops,

For weeks it seems I have been stating pictures are coming.  Well I promised some photos and I will give you some this posting.  They are random photos from various games of Flames of War.

This week I am on family leave with the family.  Vacation was needed before I started school again in September.  Fun in the sun and various family activities have been great !

On the mini front, I have been working on the M10 platoon for my glider infantry and have one section about 90% done.  I have one more section to complete before moving on to the Combat Engineer platoon.

On to the pictures ....

Enjoy .... see I told you my camera is working now ...



  1. LoL
    These are looking great.
    I hope to see more pictures of your painted army in the future.

  2. There's no excuse now...more pics! Looks great by the way.

  3. Well I can't take credit for the troops in the pictures. I did take the pics but these are troops of Steve's What Would Patton Do ? fame. He is a great painter.

    Mine will be on a tabletop soon for their own action photos ....