Monday, August 16, 2010

Books ?

Hello Troops,

Recently I filled everyone in about my latest read while I was on vacation.  Does any other troops have a book they like to read while in the foxhole ?  I am mostly a science fiction and fantasy guy myself.  I would also include modern conflict and spy like books as well.

So sound off and let the General know what interests his readers ....



  1. I use to read a lot. Mainly Fantasy, science fiction and WWII. That was until the day something happened to me. Now i hardly touch a book because of this.

  2. The "Death's Head" (David Gunn) books are pretty fun, gritty pulpy military sci-fi that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    On the fantasy front, Game of Thrones has been getting lots of nods from my friends with a variety of tastes.

  3. Does David Gunn write the Game of Thrones ?