Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guns of August Tournament

Greetings troops,

I was able to get my first tournament under my belt this past weekend.  I carpooled with Steve and his wife Lydia to Williamsburg,VA for the Guns of August tournament.  I had a blast and truly couldn't ask for a better experience.  HUGE thanks to Steve and Lydia for carpooling and such, it was an awesome time.

We arrived around 8 am and began to set up for the tournament.  We had 3 Italy boards and 4 desert boards to battle on.  Jon, a fellow player came and set up a beautiful board for demo games if anyone wished to play and learn.  

One, if only downside of the tournament was the no show of 6 players.  Unfortunately it hurt the axis to allies ratio as we had 8 allies and 4 axis.  I was able to get one game against axis forces and then had 1 british player and 1 american.  But I still had a great time.

 The first game I had was against Bob, running Axis forces.  The first mission was free for all.  Both side went to work and pushed forward.  I was able to bail his lone Tiger tank with my M10s.  The Tiger stayed out of action due to failed bail rolls for almost 80% of the game.  I wasn't able to take it out of action though I placed many holes and dents in it.  My Stuarts surged in the middle and was taken out by Panzers fairly quickly.  My infantry had tanks push them left and right along with rockets raining down on my head.  It was a good fight and Bob won 5-2

Next game was against Mike and his British playing Hold the Line (No Retreat).  I got the unlucky roll of being the attacker.  Mike had 8 platoons, 4 had to be in reserve, 2 had to be in ambush and the other 2 placed on the board.  I had to enter the small side of the board with tons of open land to get across to engage, with the knowledge that 2 ambushes were out there.  Mike had his 8 gun battery placed and a team of heavy mortars.  He also had air support as well.  NEEDLESS to say I was slaughtered getting across the open terrain.  His airplanes couldn't miss, his artillery was on fire and his mortars were on fire as well.  I had my Stuarts ambushed and lost 2.  By the time I was able to get anything within range I was able to take some units out but not anything platoon size.  I lost 6 - 1 ....

My last game was against Aaron and his Americans.  It was an awesome game.  We dealt each others numerous moral checks !  Aaron passed 3 in a row just for one unit.  I was able to take out his contesting Shermans with my M10s who came out of reserve to assist.  I also rolled a reserve roll and brought in my Stuarts to help assist in contesting an objective.  The game was a blood bath .... 4-3 loss to Aaron.

Considering myself  humble, I was awarded the Best Sportsman Award which was a section of M10s ! I thank all whom voted for me.  I had a blast and met some great people .... I am looking forward to the next tournament for sure.

Well keep painting ..... and rolling dice !


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