Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and the gaming hopes !

Greetings troops,

     As we hit the end of the year and holiday seasons I wish to extend a Happy New Year!  I am lucky to be able to share our hobby with you the reader.  This year has been a busy one indeed.  Much gaming and painting along with 3 gaming conventions kept my gaming geekness happy.

     No reason to go over my gaming year since you have been following along. I wanted to look towards the future and make some New Yea gaming resolutions. So join along and smile, laugh or cry.  We all know we have similar wants and goals year after year.

New Rulesets

     Really ? Yes, I know what you are thinking. How could you add more rulesets to your gaming plate.  It's true that I already have Flames of WarBolt Action and Saga on my bookshelf.  My painting que is chocked full of Americans/Russians/British/Germans for Bolt Action and Vikings for Saga.  I can say that I do not one one gamer who isn't looking ahead for his or her next "fix". so here are some of my 2013 targets.
  • Force on Force - Osprey Publishing's modern warfare rulesets has been on my list for some time.  I have numerous model companies products in line of sight for future growth.  I am still a tad torn to what scale to go though. Right now it is a push/shove between 15mm and 25mm.  They have numerous periods to quench your history thirst.  I just want to get my feet in the door and start with the main ruleset! Every time I attempted to find a game at any convention it was full.  It seems to be a solid ruleset with a great following.
  • Infinity - Science Fiction skirmish rules?  Yes please! With numerous factions for any gamer preference along with a low model count needed to start makes for a great game. It has a huge following and great forums.  Again, I will get a rule book and move from there.
  • 28mm Viking army completed for Saga
  • 28mm American army completed for Bolt Action
  • 28mm German army completed for Bolt Action
  • 15 or 28mm modern forces for Force On Force or Savage Worlds
  • New commission work - 2012 started a new chapter for me as a painter for hire.  I take projects one at a time and always strive for customer satisfaction.  I look forward to providing services again this year
  • Zombies - using Savage World rules and or Force On Force as well.  I am still on the fence for scale but I figure it will be 15mm for now.  I wouldn't be surprised to find 28mm figures slowly get painted as well.  
  • Blog posts - I am gonna try for at least 1 to 2 posts a week.  Last year was a busy year and it affected my postings.  I appreciate your patience.  I do hope to make the Savage World Zombie story line a bi-weekly post.  It's one of the more popular posts for the blog!
     These are some of the more forward goals I have for the year.  Please feel free to share your own.  Together, we can keep each other on track.

Happy New Year ! Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling.

Joe ... Aka Mezz


  1. Awesome stuff Joe, looking forward to...all of it. I've got Tomorrow's War, a FonF derivative but I've also looked to doing modern warfare too. I just need a plan and some focus like you've got.

    1. Thanks Buddy! I also wanted to check out Tomorrow's War as well. it seems that you and I have the same bookshelf and wants. Are you hiding under my bed ? lol