Friday, November 23, 2012

Fast Forward ...

     The hospital was declared ground zero of the invasion.  Invasion was a loose term.  This invasion was not an army of soldiers or a swarm of insects.  It was "humans" attacking humans.  Not violence in the form of weapons but fear and the unknown.  The dead were spreading at an alarming rate.  People were looking towards the government for answers they did not have.  Defend in place began for most, survival was on everyone's mind.

     Who would have thought those doomsday prep people had the right idea!  Tom thought to himself as he finished boarding up the last of his first floor windows.  The walkers seemed to be everywhere these days.  The first step was to board up the house and figure out his next move.  Many people panicked and ran for the hills.  Unfortunately this hasty reaction caused more panic and congestion to all roadways.  The only thing it did seem to do was add targets of opportunity to the walkers.  Running with no plan, supplies or destination was worse than defending in place for the moment.

     Jimmy didn't know how it all happened.  He lost his partner to an attack weeks ago before the outbreak was declared official.  He was lucky enough to be cleared before the hospital was locked down.  The hospital was locked down and those unfortunate still to be inside have either been consumed, infected and dying or hiding until someone decided to move attempt rescues.  Someone ... A vague term but honest.  The government was trying to keep control.  Military bases had become strongholds.  The more secured government buildings have also done the same.  Not true regarding anything else.  The no man zones consist of anything else not military base or secured government areas.  The last emergency messages over television and radio advised stay in place.  Easier said than done.

     Jimmy was glad it was just him and his roommate Kyle.  Kyle was also a firefighter and EMT in the same department.  Kyle was on top of the roof standing watch while Jimmy finished boarding up the first floor openings.  As important as it was to board up the house, it produced noise which attracted the walkers.  Noise was one of the easiest ways to draw attention these days.  Noise for survival was a double edge sword that needed to be faced.  At least today's task was completed with no major delays or "visitors".

  • Jimmy - Firefighter
  • Abilities - Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
  • Skills - Guts d6, Healing d8, Knowledge d8, Fighting d6, Shooting d6, Streetwise d8
  • Pace: 6
  • Parry: 5
  • Toughness: 5
  • Major Hindrance: Code of Honor
  • Minor Hindrances: Habit (Charisma, -1) and Loyal
  • Edge: Alertness (+2 to Notice Skill or Smart notice roll)

     The house was easy to defend being on the corner of the neighborhood street.   The two level house was boarded up as tight as they could manage on the first floor. They took the stairs out and place an extension ladder as their means of accessing the 2nd floor.  The ladder was hooked up with a pulley and rope to extend and retract it for safety.  Power had not worked for some time now that chaos had consumed much of the population.  Candles and camping stoves are now king.  The defense of the house also had a roof access flap in the roof to be able to use the roof as an observation post.  Not too shabby for a bunch of firefighters.

     It got dark quick but it was Mother Nature that had a hand in that.  The ladder was raised for the night and the guys decided to settle in for the night.  It was amazing how silent the neighborhood became at night.  Dim lights from candles and flashlights appeared throughout various houses.  Some house remained dark and the occasional scream or walker moan filled the void.

     Kyle opened up a can of beef ravioli  and passed it to Jimmy.  They agreed to one can a piece for the next couple of nights till they were able to come up to some ideas or options.  Jimmy took a fork full of cold ravioli and peered through the window blinds.  Kyle moved over to him and looked put the window.  Nothing but the occasional walker and abandoned streets once active.  "What ya thinking Jimmy?" Kyle muttered.


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