Saturday, May 28, 2011

Comrades to Arms ! (7) - WIP First Company

Greetings troops,

This year has been a blur with my various schools going on for work.  I can say there is light at the end of the tunnel and the hobby time will be more soon.  I wanted to get some of the photos up of First Company nearing "field maneuvers" i.e. basing. 

 These photos are for you Pete ;)

The next pictures consist of another method suggested to me by friend and fellow WWPD'er Pete. It involves priming the figures in German Armor, then doing the same method for the rest of the painting I am doing.  Highlighting should bring the colors in line with the rest of the unit.

The final shots are of the figures that will be hitting the bases tomorrow.  Then this group will begin the "field maneuvers".

Steve, friend and the leader at WWPD has numerous T34 tanks in production as I type this post.  His tanks will be joining forces with my infantry on the table to get some East Front action going.

Enjoy the pictures, be safe .... Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka "Mezz"


  1. Huzzah! My constant pestering you has finally paid off!

    Good stuff, buddy! Keep it up! :)

  2. Great looking stuff Joe! Together we shall free the Motherland of the fascist invaders. Unless I am in the role as fascist invader that day, in which case you shall be crushed beneath my jackboots!

    It's hard having multiple armies when it comes to crafting an identity :(

  3. When you say you primed them German armor what do you mean? Is it the panzer yellow or another color?

    Any way those are looking good. I can't wait for Eastern Front AARs from you WWPDers.

  4. You did some great work here Joe.

  5. @ Pete ... yep, it paid off lol. Glad your enjoying it.

    @ Steve ... thanks man! I am looking forward to the Eastern Front. Either way we play ... it will be a blast!

    @ Craig ... German is the name of the spray can Battlefront puts out. It is Panzer Yellow ... but with the Russian highlights after the devlen wash it matches close to what I am doing. I will have more WIPs of that process ... Glad your enjoying it

    @ Hein ... Thanks bud, I see you have some new items to paint as well ?

  6. thats the answer i was hoping for , i have a can of the bf german yellow too. one day i will collect my own russian army and want to know how to speed up the process.

  7. @ cbaxter ... I believe it is the same thing. Newer cans are sporting the German Armor title. I will get some photos up as they progress to show you how they look !

  8. Nice work they are looking great.

  9. @ The Colour Kiwi ... Thank you sir :)