Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AAR of the 1st ID vs Germans

Greetings troops,

The other evening I was able to meet up at Jon's house to challenge Sean in a Fighting Withdrawal mission. As our battle was brewing Jon was battling out with Steve's 3rd ID on his new table he is building; which looks fab ! James, a fellow WWPD listener from Illinois was able to hang out as well.  He is currently at Fort Lee attending an Officer School.

Needless to say my 1st ID was handed its butt by Sean's German forces.
  • 1st platoon double timed on the right flank and got pinned by a combination of aircraft and rocket fire.  They took horrible losses, never unpinned and eventually left the field.
  • 2nd platoon didn't do much better on the left flank.  They got ambushed by Panzer IVs and remained pinned after that. They too left the field.
  • My M10's took heavy fire from Sean's aircraft attack runs and left the field as well.
  • My Engineers were moving up the middle and got pinned in between some woods.  They took a beating and eventually left the field with their heads down.
  • My Shermans played a cat and mouse game with Sean's Stugs and Panzer IVs.  They were getting bailed and remounting round after round.  At one time I had 3 bailed shermans sitting in a cornfield.  Eventually they were destroyed.
  • The Company was below half and the CO rolled a "1" to allow the 1st ID to surrender the field.
Sean played an awesome game.  His combination of rockets and aircraft runs literally put my troops into a scared stiff position.  I may have to consider getting an aircraft option myself or start including an antiaircraft unit that can swat back or suppress infantry.

I took pictures via my camera phone.  Most are early in the battle ... the combat photographer was hiding in a hasty fighting position in the later stages of battle. Unfortunately I can't get them to you on the site yet due to phone error.  When I can I will post them.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Thanks for that, good highlights, awaiting pictures.

  2. @ Angry Lurker ... Glad you enjoyed it. My phone isn't cooperating, when it decides to I will get em up.

    My American Army is still a force in training. I have won some games and got destroyed in others. I need to take the advice of my WWPD brothers and have a force good at a select few instead of a jack of all trades master of none !

  3. That sounds similar to how my German infantry did recently against russian armor. Sometimes we need to get our butts kicked in order to get fired up for revenge I guess. Nice review even without the photos.

  4. @ AKCraig ... thanks for the polite words. I think I am eyeballing some Priests to assist the infantry ....