Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stalin's Organs ... For Luke (2)

Greetings troops,

Saturday mornings ... quiet time as the Wife and little one head to dance class in the morning.  What is there to do ?  Of course hitting the models and getting some quiet time by turning off the television and relaxing.

Some more pictures of the Little Katies.  The crews are done.  I am basing the trucks and getting them straight before placing the crews and rocket system.  Crews will be placed and then I will matte the base/truck and crews before adding the rocket rack last.  If I add the rocket racks before all that I feel the basing will be harder to accomplish.

After adding some basing to the truck stands, I had extra time to get the next project in order.  1st Platoon of 1st Company has been assembled for basic training (ie priming on Popsicle sticks).  Here is the task at hand ... 12 stands equaling 45 soldiers (10 stands of infantry, 1 Komissar stand and 1 Officer stand )

So as the glue dries, I typed up this blog update.  Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !!!

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. I love that that is 1st platoon of first company. which means that is 45 of like 400 figures if your running three companies of Russians. this is awesome love the progress.

  2. @ AKCraig ... I am glad your enjoying the company recruiting process. I just finished the black primer on these beauties about 10 minutes ago. They have finished the "recruiting" stage and will begin "basic training" this weekend. Stay tuned !

  3. Looks like you got alot of stuff going on...its great to stay busy...nice work Joe

  4. @ Captain Richard ... Thank you! I see your moving some posts on your blog as well !