Friday, February 11, 2011

Setting a Course ... and Battle plans

Greetings troops,

First I would like to extend a hearty welcome to the newest troops whom have joined the ranks in the past few weeks !  I hope to continue the interesting postings for your future enjoyment.

I would like to advise my readers and troops that I have changed course for my 2011 project.  Now, I know you are all shocked by the change ... No ? .... we all do it in this great hobby (as we all nod in agreement)

My major project for this year coincides with Steve of WWPD fame.  As readers of his blog know he has started Steve-o-grad, an adventure in city fights and Eastern Front warfare.  Take a look at his recent posting regarding his adventure; JR miniatures hmmmm .... Steveograd Link !!!

So where was I ? Yes ... my decision was to start a Soviet army.  Crazy ? Yes ... but there was a couple of reasons behind Crazy Comrade Mezz's choice. 
  1. We really don't have many Soviet players in our group.  So its a perfect choice since I like to have an army that others don't have.  Steve needs Soviets to fight his Germans in the city !  I have also come across many Soviets in tournaments with no experience playing against them.  So what better way to learn than run them yourself !
  2. I love modeling and painting as much as I love wargaming.  The soviets have tons ... in each army.  Win FOR ME !
  3. I find the Eastern Front interesting.  It's an amazing front to model.  Germans, Soviets, Italians, Finns, Romanians and Hungarians.  The variety of weapons and troops is amazing.  A modelers dream !
  4. The Russians have interesting break down of forces.  You can chose experienced Guard divisions, City Militia groups defending their homes and families to penal companies.  The idea of a fearless conscript force is crazy. Especially with Komissars commanding the push forward.
Right now I am in planning stages.  I am currently reading the Eastern Front book and getting ideas.  I have decided that I will start painting infantry companies first since they can be used throughout the Soviet armies.  I also like the idea of tank riders and the submachine gun companies.  So they too are on the list.  Stay tuned for sure ... will be plenty of updates.

On other fronts, I have begun to get the 76mm Shermans for the Americans started.  Assembly is going smooth and they too will be primed this weekend.  After them I have some more 75mm Shermans and some armored half-track mortars to start.  Thanks to the generous donations from The View from the Turret guys I am getting an armor company started.  I already have a 5 tank US Sherman platoon painted for my current US army.

Be on the lookout as well for Episode 13 of News from the Front.  We recorded yesterday and it will be out sometime next week !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ....

Joe ... aka "Mezz"


  1. You made my day with that comment .... I knew that was gonna be your response ! lol