Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Comrades to Arms ! (2)

Greetings troops,

This is the 2nd installment of my developing Russian army.  As you know we are moving towards a 500 point beginning force in our Eastern Front Escalation league.

I was able to score some of the super GW Devlan Wash for my Russians.  I have painted the models in the base colors and then applied the GW Wash !

Before the Wash ...

 After the Wash ...

I will apply a 2nd coat of Delvan Wash and then highlight them again with the appropriate colors.  I will say that this method for me seems to move faster then my previous methods.  Now with that said I like the old method but it is not feasible to paint the large amounts of forces required for Mother Russia.

Let me know what you think ?

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. great job, how many where you able to do so far?

  2. @ AKCraig ... Thanks man! This is the Battalion HQ blister pack. After posting this I went back and hit the uniforms up with the highlight. Only thing left is to hit the weapons, pouches, skin and helmets. There is 21 men in the Battalion HQ Blister.

    I took the Company HQ out and began to prep them for their turn. FOR THE MOTHERLAND !

  3. These look great. Good luck with the other 1,854 models needed to complete a single platoon! : - )

  4. UPDATE ... Battalion HQ is completed as far as painting. Basing and such will begin this weekend. Stay tuned !

  5. Looking good man! Did you use any other washes besides devlan mud?

  6. @ WEBGriffin ... Thanks! 21 down and millions more !

    @ freekickhero ... Thanks! I used 2 coats of wash to achieve my wanted dark recess effect and then went back and hit all the original colors in their high points to make it pop. Those photos will be posted later today ...

  7. They look good, good inkjob, have used Declan before and it's good but I also use Windsor and Newton peat brown slightly diluted.

  8. @ the Angry Lurker ... Thanks ! I like the new method ... stay tuned for the latest shots of my being based ... will be posted soon