Thursday, December 18, 2008

Planning stages are starting ...... volunteers are lining up for the unit rosters ....

Decision has been made through the chain of command to form up an airborne unit based around the 506th, 101st Airborne division.  Once the core of the company has been established I will branch out and form up some the attached units that fought along side of the Screaming Eagles in the days following the initial landing.

Initial painting will begin on the HQ and 2 -3 platoons.  I will be researching to see what the 506th jumped in with and plan my force according to the schematics.

A quick adding of points give the initial E "Easy" Company about 1130 points.  That would be for HQ and 3 platoons (3 rifle squads and 1 mortar squad a piece).

I am aiming for these initial troops to be completed by the end of February for Battle Hymn 09, here in Richmond, VA.  

Once purchased I will be posting pictures as the painting process is underway.


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