Wednesday, December 17, 2008

History here I come

I have recently been struggling to decided to venture away from the science fiction aspect of wargaming miniatures.  I must admit it is the very topic that got me interested in miniature wargaming.

WH40K or Warhammer 40,000 to those whom are not aware is a science fiction wargaming series produced by Games Workshop.  Over the years the miniatures have been greatly improved and look fantastic.  Only problem is that it is more and more directed towards 12 year olds then the older market.  It seems that new rules and codex's are popping up every year and new lists are need to produce the armies of the future.  I for one cannot produce that cash ..... and neither can my money tree.  I believe the codex's and rules have changed twice since I have been involved.  I will admit that GM is a capital machine that is well oiled and makes great financial decisions.  To that I tip my hat.

So as I dwell on the subject and limp away from the GM fight I look forward.  History has ALWAYS been a love of mine.  I thank my parents for taking me to all the historical places in Upstate NY and for introducing me to the love of reading.  To this I must admit is a very source of my wargames and history love.  Who wouldn't love to research a battle, paint up armies (models are another one of my hobbies, go figure.) and duke it out on a miniature field of battle ?

So in the next couple of weeks I will try to form a historical miniature wargame club.  I am gunning for the first meeting for January of 09.  I believe FOW or Flames of War to those whom don't know, will be the first time period on the plate.

I will showing updates on unit building and painting as well.  Everyone loves pictures.  Please once they are posted please feel free to comment or offer advice.  

Those not familiar with the Flames of War series, check out the website. 

Be safe ... Joe

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