Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bolt Action 15mm Germans vs French

Greetings Troops,

     I was able to get a 15mm run with Bolt Action rules the other night at WWPD HQ.  Steve ran the french while I was commanding the Germans.  You can catch his awesome AAR at the WWPD Bolt Action website ... Bolt Action .Net

     Here are some combat photos that made it back to the War Press Office.

My forces ..

My list

Turn 1

French and British dug in ...

And the Germans approach ...

Germans advancing on the right flank

And get lit up by a French HMG team

German Armor getting into position

Allies holding ...

Turn 2

A well placed shot takes out some French Armor

German Right Flank approaching some farm walls

French off board artillery attempting range

Turn 3

German Veterans entering the wheat field

Mobile forces attempting to shoot the gap in the allies defenses

Right flank catching major attention

Germans moving down the alley

Turn 4

No rest for the Veterans in the wheat field

German Panzer Grens made the gap.  The second German Armor takes some serious hits and is pinned

Right flank getting hammered

French reserves enter on the right flank and cause havoc

German HQ SMGs unload on a french squad ... scoring major hits.

Turn 5

Right flank falls and crumbles

Burning German Armor ... a sign of the ongoing battle

Veterans couldn't get out of the wheat field. 

Turn 6

Veterans can't do anything but be targets ... ugh ...

German HQ giving the retreat orders


  1. I can't do it. Beautiful tables, great writeup, nice pics of the turn counter, yada yada...but I can't do any more 15mm Bolt Action! You've got some awesome looking 28mm stuff cooking, get it on the table!

    Seriously, I jest of course, or do I? Looking good mein freund.

    1. You jest ? lol ...

      We are painting like madman ... and it will happen for sure !