Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Defection ?!?

Comrades !

"The time has come for a decision.  I am defecting to German lines !  Who is with me ?"

     I am announcing to my troops of my decision to defect to German forces for Flames of War.  Here are my thoughts and reasons behind the recent decision.
  1. Money. Let's face it.  It takes a large amount of cash to get forces on the table.  I don't have the cash flow I used to have.  I have a nice little force started but I can't see it hitting the table in the near future at a nice pace.  Not unless I stop eating and live in a tent
  2. Time.  It's a precious resource.  I need an army that will be rewarding to build, fun to paint and yet not take years to get on the table.  My American Forces were quick to form up and get on the table.  
     I will say that I liked painting the Russians.  I have enjoyed researching and reading about them.  They have excellent resources available and you have tons of options to field them to your liking.  But unfortuantely they are a large army to build, assemble and get to the table.

     So with that in mind I will be "defecting".  I have Russians for sale or trade.  But the one thing I will not lose or trade is the healthy respect for the FOW Russian forces and capabilities.

     Steve, WWPD commander and friend of mine has made a trade for my Strelkovy Infantry and HQs for some German troops to assist in my new venture.  Here is a brief listing of the forces ...
  • PSC Panzer III's (EW/MW)
  • PSC Halftracks (EW/MW)
  • PSC Panzer IVs (EW/MW/LW options)
     I will be purchasing HQs and Panzergrenadiers to make a beginning force.  Look to WWPD in the near future to following my research, building and new venture articles.  My blog will feature only painting photos.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

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